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Establishing a business to an IPO, Clemta takes care of all of your business paperwork for you.

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Clemta is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for setting up your company/business in the United States. We offer different plans for your different needs.

  • Choose the type of your company
  • Sign and Confirm the documents that we prepare
  • Incorporation process
  • Receiving your EIN and Tax ID
  • Run your business

Select your type of company and start your business.


Get support for the documents.

Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Get your EIN to identify your company to the government and solve tax issues.

83/B Filing Support

Elect 83/B form to reduce your tax payment.

Changing Registered Agent
as Clemta

Change your registered agent to save money and time.

More features are coming

Please look for new updates and features.

Complete Your Company's Missing Documents

Entrepreneurs can't focus on legal issues in such a hurry. Clemta is here to help!

  • Post Incorporation
  • General Assembly Meetings
  • 83/B Filing
  • Changing Registered Agent

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    Enter the exact name of your new company, including upper and lower case letters, spaces, and punctuation. Corporations must include: Inc. or Incorporated. LLC must include LLC.

    If you do not provide one of the endings, we will automatically add the letters Inc. or LLC at the end of your company’s name. We will inform you if the name is not available.

    Every entity must obtain a Employer Identification Number before it can open a U.S. bank account, hire U.S. employees or pay U.S. taxes. Think of the EIN as the social security number for your company.

    The processing time will depend on how we can submit your filing to the IRS. If a filing contains a non-U.S. address or the member does not have a ITIN issued by the U.S., it must be submitted by fax. All other filings will be processed online first and only faxed if the Tax ID Number cannot be obtained online.

    Orders submitted online with the IRS: 3-4 business days

    Orders submitted by fax with the IRS: 15-20 business days

    The processing times begin after we receive the signed SS4 form. Expediting your new company order does not expedite the Tax ID request. These are two separate services.


    Please enter your company information:

    Our packages include the filing fee for a stock corporation with an equity of $75,000 or less. (To determine the equity of the company, multiply the total number of stock by the par value. For example 1,500 shares multiplied by 0.01 par value has an equity of $15.)(You may need to pay the total value to your company to obtain those shares)

    *Most startups choose 10.000.000 shares of common stock at a .00001 par value.


    You should at least add one shareholders.
    Muhammed Furkan AYDIN (CTO)

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      * files can be PNG, JPEG, XLSX, XLS, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, TXT and PDF.

      * files can be up to 10 megabytes in size.


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      Before you continue with the payment, -please- make sure that:

      • You upload all the required documents correctly.
      • You share true, accurate and current information. Please understand that with incomplete or wrong address information, your application will be rejected.
      • You have bought a Certificate of Good Standing indicating the status of your company that you can obtain from your "Registered Agent" for a certain fee (These costs are not included in our services and should directly be paid to your Registered Agent.). The certificate should be validated with an Apostille stamp in order to be recognized as authentic in the United States.

      If you haven’t uploaded the Certificate of Good Standing, or you don’t have it yet; you can continue with the payment process, and afterward, you can always upload your missing documents by signing in to your account.

      Activation of your bank account may take up to 10 days starting with the date you fully and correctly uploaded your requested documents.


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